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April podcast mix is all about the Disco. Doing my bit to keep the vibe alive, with a quality selection for this month including One of my own unreleased tracks One Love. Hope you all enjoy the mix and as always your feedback, comments and support are really appreciated.


• Rescue, Kevin Kind - Everybody Loves (Original) [InStereo]
• DJ Dan, Rescue, Terry Mullan - Phreaky Deaky 2014 (2014 Mix) [InStereo]
• Fierce City - Can't Let You Go (Original Mix) [4Disco Records]
• DeeJMD - Deep In The Night (Funkhameleon 'Funky Night' Mix) [Disco Motion Records]
• DJ Dan - Bangin' On Ya (Phunk Investigation) [InStereo]
• DJ Zimmo - Be A Superstar (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Squirt D. & CRS - Holiday (Original Mix) [Skeet Traxx]
• Twism & B3RAO - High Society (Original Mix) [DISCO LEGENDS]
• Twism & B3RAO - Tonights The Night (Original Mix) [DISCO LEGENDS]
• Block & Crown, Deep Fish - Jackin' Radio (Club Mix) [InStereo]
• Squirt D. & CRS - The Wanted (Original Mix) [Promo]
• DJ Zimmo - One Love (Original Mix) [Promo]
• Zach C - Disco Star (Original Mix) [Handsome Family Records]
• Jay Vegas - Let's Boogie (Original Mix) [Hot Stuff]
• DMC - N.R.G (Original Mix) [DISCO LEGENDS]
• Rick Marshall - Look Up (Higher) (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]

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March podcast mix has a quality selection of all the latest bomb releases. Enjoy the download and as always appreciate your feedback and comments.


• Delicious & DJ Johnny Yip - You Can't Deny It (Clubmix) [Jackers Revenge Records]
• DJ Zimmo - Stop For Love (Original Mix) [Ammo Recordings]
• Tim Bailey - French Fries (Original Mix) [Mjuzieekal Education Digital]
• DJ Zimmo - Dancin With You (Original Mix)`[Disco Legends]
• Mike Gillenwater - Love Sensation (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• Funky Truckerz - Sensation (Original Mix) [Disco Bomb]
• Serial Thrilla - Hands Up (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Audio Jacker - My One Desire (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Luca Debonaire vs Atilla Cetin - Feeling Real (Block & Crown Peaktime Mix) [Let's Play Music]
• Crazibiza, Dave Aude feat.Vassy - Hustlin' (Slideback Remix) [PornoStar Records]
• Twism & Michael Wollau - Feel SO Good (Original Mix) [Disco Legends] Promo
• Agent Stereo - The Reason (Original Mix) [Disco Motion Records]
• Mark Masters & Funky Truckerz Feat Angie Brown - I'm On Fire (Original Mix) [Pinkfish Records]
• Topa - At The Disco (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Gafyn Owen - Pleasure (Original) [KleenHouse Music]
• DJ Zimmo - Party Party (Original Mix) [Disco Motion Records]

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February podcast mix including all the latest top releases. Appreciate any feedback. Follow me at -


• DJ Funsko - Disco House Will Never Die (Original) [Banging Grooves Records]
• DJ Dan, Hazzaro - Body & Soul (Original) [Instereo]
• Serial Thrilla - Party Non Stop (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Block & Crown - Don't Fight The Feeling [Fogbank]
• DJ Zimmo - Love Mr Cool (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Delicious & Markus Emig - Nothing in Life is Free (Clubmix)[Let's Play Music]
• Twism & Stan Williams - Act Like Ya Know (Original Mix) [Disco Legends] Promo
• ReDisco - Time To Party (Funkish Mix) [ReVinyl Recordings]
• Koe - Get Down (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Funkajazz - Chilly (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• DJ Funsko - Funky Mouse (DJ Zimmo Remix) [Banging Grooves Records]
• El Seano - Nobody Else (Original Mix) [Ammo Recordings]
• Block & Crown vs Corrado Rizza - She's Not That Bad (Original Mix)[Let's Play Music]
• Felipe Avelar & El Seano - Motown Stomp (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• pHaZe Project - FUUU Bass (DIRTY Mix) [Banging Grooves Records] Promo


Special Mix for you all. Been supporting Tasty Recordings now & my good friend Audio Jacker since 2008 and as you know it's one of my favourite labels. They always deliver the goods, so i decided to celebrate there success with a mix from the back catalogue. All tracks span the last 5 years and I've selected a few of my own releases but the majority are of the Audio Jacker. Hope you all enjoy the mix and don't forget to show your support on the following links. Appreciate any feedback and thank you all for the support.

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• Audio Jacker - Go Shorty (Original Mix)
• Tom Forester - Come On Miami (Audio Jacker Remix)
• Audio Jacker, How2 Groove - Fashionista (Original Mix)
• Audio Jacker - D 4 Damager (Original Mix)
• Disko Junkie - How Many Times (Audio Jacker & Disko Junkie 2013 Remix)
• Audio Jacker - Got Good Things (Original Mix)
• Topa - No Good (Audio Jacker Remix)
• Audio Jacker & DJ Zimmo - Close My Eyes (Original Mix)
• Martello - Lets Rock (Original Mix)
• Whiskey Dicks - Right Here (Audio Jacker Remix)
• Audio Jacker - Turn Up The Music (Original Mix)
• Discotron - Give Me Ur Number (Original Mix)
• Audio Jacker & Serial Thrilla - Jack The Tempo (Original Mix)
• Disco Ball'z - Goodbye Girl (Audio Jacker Remix)
• DJ Zimmo - Saturday Night (Audio Jacker Remix)
• DJ Zimmo - Disco Loves Ya (Original Mix)


2014 starts with a bang and this month's mix is full of pure funky goodness. Big mix this one. Includes releases from Tasty Recordings, Disco Bomb, Disco Legends, Ammo Recordings plus many more. Hope you all enjoy as always appreciate any comments. Support me @


• Tavo - I've Been Waitin' For Ya (Original Mix) [Mjuzieekal Education Digital]
• Hazzaro - I'm Free (Original) [InStereo]
• Audio Jacker - I Like It (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Serial Thrilla - Nazty Girlz (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Discotron - My Lovin (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Squirt D. & CRS - Feel like Dancing (Original Mix) Promo
• DJ Zimmo - Funk Inferno (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Dmc - Wanna Be With Me (Original Mix) [Disco Bomb]
• Carl Hanaghan - Street Life (Original Mix) [Mjuzieekal Education Digital]
• Suicide Kings - Spell On You (DJ Dan Mix) [Guesthouse]
• Block & Crown vs Delicious - Party Down (Clubmix) [Let's Play Music]
• Felipe Avelar & Atilla Cetin - Do It 2Nite (Original Mix) [Ammo Recordings]
• DJ Mes, Sonny Fodera, DJ Dan - Wann Do (We Did it Again Mix) [Guesthouse]
• Agent Stereo - Always Around (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Wise D & Kobe - Do it Again (Original) [InStereo]
• DJ Dan - We used to Jack (Original) [InStereo]
• Twism & B3RAO - Special (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• Carl Hanaghan Remixes - All Or Nothing (Dirty Freek Anthem Mix) [Discopolis Recordings]


December mix is a special one reaching a new milestone for my "Funky Vocal House Sessions" podcast which has now passed One Million downloads since its launch in 2009. Thank you to everyone that supports the podcast, it's really appreciated. last mix for 2013 has a big influence from one of my favourite labels, Tasty Recordings who never fail to impress, also includes releases from Disco Bomb, Ammo Recordings, 4Disco Records, Banging Grooves Records, Disco Filth and more. Support me @


• Robert Feelgood - Philter Disco (Clubmix) [Let's Play Music]
• DJ Funsko - DISCOmouseGROOVE (DJ Zimmo Remix) [Banging Grooves Records]
• Beerlover & Gustavo Rivas - Free You (Agent Stereo 'Jazzy' Remix) [4Disco Records]
• Funkameleon - Can't Resist Her (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Alex Herrera - I Ain't Gonna Wait (Original Mix) [Crude Trax]
• Serial Thrilla - Woo Haa (Original Mix)[Tasty Recordings]
• Disko Junkie - Get Wild (Original Mix)[Tasty Recordings]
• Charles Feelgood & Felipe Avelar - Take Me Higher (Original Mix) [Ammo Recordings]
• Raw Silk - Do It To The Music (DJ Dan Remix) [Ultra Records]
• Audio Jacker - In Each Others Arms (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Disko Junkie - Young & Free (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• DJ Zimmo - Don't Stop The Music (Original Mix) [Disco Filth]
• Alex Whisper & Mick Teck - Simphony (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Alex Herrera - Pick Me Up (Original Mix) [Crude Trax]
• Tom Forester & Kava Groove, David Mel - Can U Dig It (Original Mix) [Disco Bomb]
• Serial Thrilla - Hands In The Air (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Rob Boskamp - It Must Be Love (Original Mix) [Ammo Recordings]


November's podcast mix featuring all the big labels. Appreciate your comments & feedback and

as always hope you enjoy this month's mix.


• Nathan Lee - Playmate (Original) [Guesthouse]
• Corrado Rizza - Give Love (Jay Vegas Remix) [Lemon Cut]
• El Seano - Good To You (Original Mix) [Ammo Recordings]
• Block & Crown & Robert Feelgood - The Hustle (Original Mix) [In My House]
• House Divine - Love 2 Dance (Seria Thrilla & Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez - Vinega (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records]
• Robert Feelgood - Right Here & Right Now! (Clubmix) [Let's Play Music]
• DJ Funsko - Funky Mouse (DJ Zimmo Remix) [Banging Grooves Records] Promo
• Block & Crown vs Delicious - Feelin' Good (Clubmix) [Let's Play Music]
• DJ Dan & Lookback - Nothing But a Party (Ido Mix) [InStereo]
• Techcrasher feat. Syntheticsax - Saxonia (Sax Mix) [Suka Records]
• Marco Valery - This Love (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Rob Boskamp - Philly Groove (Original Mix) [Mjuzieekal Education Digital]
• Jay Vegas - I Can't Stop (Disco Mix) [Hot Stuff]

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October podcast features a selection of all the latest bomb releases. Big mix this one! Hope you enjoy & I appreciate any comments/feedback.


• DJ Zimmo - Get On Up (My NamE Remix) [Discogalaxy Records]
• Pete Rose - Come On & Do It (Original Mix) [Peppermint Clubbing Records]
• Block & Crown & Delicious - We Don't Need Anyone (Peaktime Clubmix) [Let's Play Music]
• Dirty Freek vs Funky Truckerz - Use Me Up (Original Mix) [Disco Bomb]
• Donald Glaude & Robert Ortiz - Sweet & Sticky (Audio Jacker Remix) [Ammo Recordings]
• Block & Crown - French House Lovers (Original Mix) [Fogbank]
• Agent Stereo - Feeling The Same (Original Mix) [4Disco Records]
• Koe - Want My Love (Dirty Freek Remix) [Disco Bomb]
• Serial Thrilla - Hook Em Up (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Charles Feelgood & Felipe Avelar - Got To Go Disco (Original Mix) [Ammo Recordings]
• Dr Taylor - Disco Nights (DJ Zimmo Remix) [Ammo Recordings]
• First Choice - Love Thang (DJ Dan Remix) [Ultra Records]
• Block & Crown - Just Give Me Your Love (Original Mix) [Mjuzieek Digital]
• Grayson P - Sunshine Hotel (Original Mix) [Mjuzieekal Education Digital]
• Jay Vegas - More Lovin' (Original) [Guesthouse]
• Koe - Novy Klub (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Mad Man Maze - Disco Explosion (DJ Zimmo Remix) [Disco Future Records]

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Great Selection of Disco Bombs for September with releases from all the big labels. Check it out and turn it up loud! Your comments and feeback are very much appreciated.

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• Koe - Sweetheart (2013 edit) [Discogalaxy Records]
• J Paul Getto - Love Today (Joey Negro Spirit of '79 Edit) [Z Records]
• Agent Stereo - The Signs (Original Mix) [4Disco Records]
• Charles Feelgood & Felipe Avelar - Got To Go Disco (Rescue Remix) [Ammo Recordings]
• Instant Funk - I've Got My Mind Made Up (DJ Dan Remix) [Ultra Records]
• How2 Groove - Celebrate (Original Mix) [Exhilarated Recordings]
• Block & Crown - Gimme Some Respect (Clubmix) [Let's Play Music]
• Audio Jacker - Believe Me (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Block & Crown - No One Said (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records]
• Beatz Projekted - Bomb The Bass (Dirty Freek Remix) [Disco Bomb]
• DJ Dan & Charles Feelgood - We Got It (Original) [InStereo]
• Audio Jacker vs Funkajazz - Hula (C'mon) (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Dirty Swingers - Love In The Disco (DJ Zimmo Mix) [Phunk Jamz Recordings]
• Whisky Dicks - Happiness (Original Mix) [Ammo Recordings]
• Block & Crown - The Nightlife (Club Mix) [Bahia Music]
• Dirty Swingers - Feels So Right (DJ Zimmo Mix) [Tasty Recordings]


August podcast features tracks/remixes from Mad Man Maze, Audio Jacker, Dirty Freek, Frater & Stent, Gustavo Richie, DJ Dan, Miss Kay Dee, Agent Stereo, Jhon Roux, Disco Ballz, DJ Zimmo, Rick Marshall and more.


• Mad Man Maze - Disco Explosion (Original Mix)
• Juan Diaz & Jorge Montia - Be There (Original Mix)
• Gustavo Richie - Golden Times (Original Mix)
• Peter Brown - I Need U (Original Mix)
• Jhon Roux - Do Me Right (Original Mix)
• Tom Forester - Come On Miami (Audio Jacker Remix)
• Agent Stereo & Nikki M - Release The Tension (Original Mix)
• Miss Kay Dee - Let's Get It On (Original Mix)
• Rescue - Lovestruck (Original)
• DJ Chus, The Groove Foundation - That Feeling (Jay Vegas Remix)
• ANDY S & Raffaell ft. Max C - Right Now (Dirty Freek, Frater & Stent Remix)
• DJ Dan - American Girls (Club Mix)
• Gustavo Richie - Let It Whip (Kevin Prise Remix)
• Disco Ballz - I'll Be Loving You (Audio Jacker Remix)
• Rick Marshall - Thinking About You (Original Mix)
• DJ Zimmo - Love Affair (Original Mix)

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