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Firstly a belated Happy New Year, sorry about the wait for this month's podcast but I'm sure it will be worth it with a right big selection for January. Releases from Tasty Recordings, Disco Future Records, Disco Motion Records, Disco Legends, 4Disco Records, Jukebox Recordz and many more. Hope you all enjoy it and i really do appreciate your feedback, comments, likes and support. Follow me @


• Damier Soul, Lady Lago - Say It Again (Original Mix) [Pocket Jacks Trax]
• Gafyn Owen - Music Play's (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• Lars Van Dalen - Divided (Original Mix) [Gram-O-Phonique Muzik]
• Shaunyboy - Wizard Of Boogie Land (Original Mix) [Jukebox Recordz]
• Alex Herrera - Everybody (Original Mix) [Crude Trax]
• Angelo Ferreri - That Soul (Original Bad Mix) [Fogbank]
• Disco Pleasure ft. Bruna Bottonz - Stolen Soul (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Block & Crown, Corrado Rizza - We Want The People To Believe (Original Mix) [Let's Play Music]
• Red Rogue - All I Need (Original Mix) [Handsome Family] Promo
• Joey Chicago - Feels So Good (J Paul Getto Remix) [Fogbank]
• DJ Zimmo - One Love (Original Mix) [Jukebox Recordz]
• TWISM & B3RAO - Ohio Roller's (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• Agent Stereo - Let It Flow (Original Mix) [4Disco Records]
• Audio Jacker - Ah Yeah (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• GramophoneDzie - Number One (Mark Funk Remix) [Guesthouse]
• Ice Cream - Champagne Session (Skibblez Remix) [Disco Motion Records]


Welcome to the last podcast mix of 2014, with my Funky Vocal House Sessions still going strong since 2009. This month we bring you a monster mix to finish off the year with a fine selection of the latest bomb releases. Labels such as Disco Future Records, Tasty Recordings, Disco Motion Records, Guesthouse, Disco Legends, PinkFish Records, Jukebox Recordz plus many more and a few promos too. Its all about the Funk on this one. Just want to thank everyone for the support again this year it's very much appreciated. Enjoy the mix and thanks also for any comments, likes and shares ;0)

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• Thomas Brown - Bring Back House (Original Mix) [ReVinyl Recordings]
• Funky Truckerz & Mr.Kovacs - Take You High (Original Mix) [PinkFish Records]
• Gino Woody Bianchi - I'm Ready (Orson Welsh Remix) [Mjuzieek Digital]
• DJ Zimmo & Shaunyboy - Slip 'N' Slide (Original Mix) [Disco Motion Records]
• Mark Funk, Danny Cruz - Real Love (Original) [Guesthouse]
• Rescue - Old To The New (Original Mix) [Full House Digital Recordings]
• AlexZ & Remko B - Heaven In Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Squirt D. - Sounding Off (Original Mix) [Promo]
• R.O.N.N., Emilio Hernandez - Disco Starship (Original) [Guesthouse]
• RaShaan Houston - Be With You (Club Mix) [Guesthouse]
• DJ Dan, Mike Balance - Shake It (Original) [InStereo]
• Agent Stereo - Funky Eggs Recipe (Original Mix) [Jukebox Recordz]
• Alex Herrera - It's Real (Original Mix) [Crude Trax]
• Red Rogue - Feeling Better (Original Mix) [Promo]
• Julio Posadas & Bilber - There Is Possible (Original Mix) [Comfusion Records]
• Buck77 - Trapped In Love (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• Audio Jacker - Ah Yeah (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• DJ Zimmo - Your Lover (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]


Welcome to the November Podcast mix "Disco Underground" featuring the latest House bomb releases from Disco to Tech. Releases coming from Tasty Recordings, Disco Future Records, Believe in Disco, Disco Project Recordings, House Rox Records, Instereo, Disco Legends, Craniality and more. Appreciate any feedback, hope you all enjoy. Support me @


• Ministry - Everyday is Halloween (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Remix) [Free Download]
• Jay C, Danny Phillips - Werk It! (Original Mix) [SuperCharged Mjuzieek]
• DJ Dan, Groovebox - Half Steppin (Original) [Tech You Very Much]
• Anhanguera - Yes We Like (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Remix) [Instereo]
• Grada, David Mel - Superfunk (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records]
• Rick Marshall - Disco Yeah (Red Rogue Remix) [House Rox Records]
• Karl F - Revenge Disco (Original Mix) [House Rox Records]
• DJ Zimmo - Loving You (Original Mix) [Disco Project Recordings]
• Skibblez - Between You & Me (Original Mix) [Believe In Disco]
• Red Rogue - Feel The Fire (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Twism & B3RAO - Forbidden Lover (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• Audio Jacker - Here We Go (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• DJ Zimmo - Music Takes Over (Original Mix) [Craniality Sounds]
• Angelo Ferreri - Get The Body (Original Mix) [Doin Work Records]
• Peter Ellis - You're My Melody (Funky Trunkers Remix) [Pocket Jacks Trax]
• Crazibiza, Jerome Robins, MC Flipside - Like That (Slideback Remix) [PornoStar Records]


October Podcast mix features a selection of all the latest bombs from labels such as Tasty Recordings, Disco Future Records, Disco Legends, Pink Fish Records, House Rox Records and many more. Appreciate your comments and feedback, enjoy. Support me @


• Disco Pleasure - Funkys Back (Original Mix) [ReVinyl]
• DJ Zimmo - Hold On To Me (Original Mix) [Disco Project Recordings]
• Funky Truckerz & DJ RN - Party People (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Giorgio Rodgers - Ready 4 The Disco (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Hoxton Whores, James Gaynor - Yes I Am (Feat. Claudia Patrice) (Original) [Caballero Recordings]
• Rude Vinyl - Roll On You (Joey Martinez Dub Mix) [Pink Fish Records]
• Red Rogue - Again & Again (Original Mix) (Ammo Recordings Promo]
• Robert Feelgood, Tom Boye - Party Non Stop (Original Mix) [Recovery House]
• Jhon Roux - Disturbed (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• DJ Zimmo - Your Lover (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Peter Ellis - Drop It Like A Disco (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Jerem A - Kiss Me Now (Red Rogue Remix) [Disco Balls Records]
• Audio Jacker - On Your Face (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• DJ Dan - Baby Boomer (Original) [Guesthouse]
• Michael Murica - Dynamite (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• Karl F - Love U (Original Mix) [House Rox Records]


September Podcast mix is now out and this month its about the dance floor, with a big selection of monster jams. Hence the title Love the Funk as this one is about the party vibe. Big releases from Pink Fish Records, Disco Future Records, Tasty Recordings, Disco Legends, Guesthouse, House Rox Records and many more. Hope you all enjoy, really appreciate any comments and feedback. Support me @


• AlexZ & Remko B - BackTo My D.I.S.C.O. Rootz (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Greg Robertson - Don't Ya Think (Original Mix) Promo
• Mark Knight - The Diary Of A Studio 54 DJ (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom Records]
• Simon Doty, DJ Dan - Disco Slice (Original Mix) [Toolroom Records]
• Audio Jacker - Angels Do Disco (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• DJ Zimmo - Disco Bizness (Original Mix) [Pink Fish Records]
• Lime - Come & Get Your Love (Skibblez Remix) [Free Download]
• Giorgio Rodgers - Gonna Rain (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Funky Truckerz - Hey Dj (Original Mix) [Pink Fish Records]
• Shaunyboy - Disco Stomping (Original Mix) [House Rox Records]
• Alex Herrera - Can't Stop The Music (Original Mix) [Fogbank]
• Shaunyboy - Disco Power (Red Rogue Re-Rub) [SpinCat Records]
• Nathan Lee & Grayson P - I've Been There (Original Mix) {Disco Legends]
• DJ Dan - Chunka Funk (Original) [Guesthouse]
• Adri Block, Luca Debonaire - Face the Funk (Original Mix) [Lets Play Music]
• Slater Hogan, John Larner - Caught Out (Re-Vox 2014 Mix) [Guesthouse]
• Funky Truckerz & DJ RN - Party People (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]


August Podcast mix is now out and it's jam packed full of Disco, Funk, Tech & Vocal House. Big releases from Disco Future Records, Tasty Recordings, Disco Legends, InStereo, Funk Mansion, Guesthouse, House Rox Records and many more. Hope you all enjoy, really appreciate any comments and feedback. Support me @


• DJ Zimmo & Shaunyboy - Lonely (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• Red Rogue - How Long Will It Take (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Robert Feelgood, Miss Sugaware - Not This Time Baby (Clubmix) [Let's Play Music]
• BILBER, Julio Posadas - It's Time (Original Mix) [Tormenta Records]
• John Gold - Brooklyn Bounce (Original Mix) [BeatCanteen Records]
• Squirt D - Pretty Ladies (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• TWISM & B3RAO & DJ Q - He's A Friend (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• Bronx Cheer, Gramma Funk - Do Do Funk (Milty Evans Chi Town Funk Dub) [Tall House Digital]
• Disco Ball'z - Drum Code (Original Mix) [House Rox Records]
• DJ Dan, Ido - TekNoFunk (Original) [InStereo]
• DJ Tripswitch - Take Off (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Dr Taylor - Groove On (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• J Paul Getto - Soul Tonight (Original) [Guesthouse]
• John Gold - In Love (Vocal Mix) [BeatCanteen Records]
• Wallas - Dancer (Original Mix) [Funk Mansion]
• Audio Jacker - Oh What (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]


New podcast mix a little early just in time for this weekend. Another one full of summer vibes. Big releases from Disco Future Records, Tasty Recordings, Disco Legends, InStereo, Ammo Recordings, Pinkfish Records, ReVinyl Recordings and many more. Hope you all enjoy, really appreciate any comments and feedback. Support me @


• Lauer & Canard, Max Williams - Need 4 You (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records]
• Red Rogue - Dance Your Pain Away (Original Mix) [Free Download]
• Shaunyboy - Move Your Body (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• James The Cat - Blitz Kidz (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• DJ Dan - Out Of Line (Original) [InStereo]
• Musicarus - We are FREE (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Funky Truckerz - Music Takes Me High (Original Mix) [Pink Fish Records]
• Audio Jacker - 12 AM Boogie (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Funky Truckerz - Frisco Disco (Original Mix) [Pink Fish Records]
• DJ Dan - Back The Funk Up (Original) [InStereo]
• Greg Robertson - The Guarantee (Original Mix) [Promo]
• Slideback - 1974 (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records]
• Felipe Avelar & El Seano - Ready (DJ Zimmo Remix) [Ammo Recordings]
• Discotizer - Last Romantic (Thomas Brown Remix) [ReVinyl Recordings]
• Hazzaro - Flashback (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records]
• DJ Zimmo - Get Together (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Audio Jacker - All About Love (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]


New podcast mix a little early as I'm away next week on my vacation in the sun and what more than a mix full of summer vibes. Big releases from Disco Future Records, Tasty Recordings, Disco Legends, 4Disco Records, Ammo Recordings, Pinkfish Records and many mix. Support me @


• Thomas Brown - HOT24 (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• pHaZe Project,Love & Mind - Uprising Lions (Agent Stereo Remix) [4Disco Records]
• Lady Lago, Block & Crown - The Incredible (Original Mix) [Pornostar Records]
• TWISM & B3RAO - You Can't Hide (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• Giorgio Rodgers - Cast A Spell (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Giorgio Rodgers - Disco 4 Life (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Luca Debonaire, Corrado Rizza - We Just Can't Wait (Original Mix) [Lets Play Music]
• Mark Masters & Funky Truckerz Feat Angie Brown - I'm On Fire (Dj Kone & Marc Palacios Remix) [Pinkfish Records]
• CEV's - You Got The Stuff (Original Mix) [Meltin Funk Records]
• Marco Valery - In My Place (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• DJ Zimmo - Funk Me Senseless (Original Mix)[Ammo Recordings]
• El Seano - Forget About Your Worries (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Audio Jacker - The Pleasure (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Gafyn Owen - Burning Love (Original) [Disco Legends]
• Da Boogie Star - Whodunit (Fierce City Remix) [4Disco Records]
• Richard Grey - I Believe (DJ Dan Remix) [Music Is The Answer]
• Simon Doty, DJ Dan - Smash The Disco (Original Mix) [Toolroom Records]


May Podcast mix is finally done, Big releases coming from Tasty Recordings, Disco Future Records, Disco Legends, Instereo, 4Disco Records, ReVinyl Recordings and many more. Hope you all enjoy & Your feedback and comments are really appreciated. Support me -


• Thomas Brown - Luv America (Original Mix) [ReVinyl Recordings]
• DJ Dan, DJ PP - Don't Stop (Original) [Instereo]
• Rescue - Dancin' Shoes (Original Mix) [Gaia Recordings]
• Shaunyboy - Party Time (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Disco Ballz - Flying (Original Mix) [ReVinyl Recordings]
• Felipe Avelar, CRS - Love in the Disco (Original Mix) [Nocturnal Recordings]
• Crazibiza, Dave Aude, Vassy - Hustlin' (Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez Remix) [PornoStar Records]
• Squirt D - Pretty Ladies (Original Mix) [Promo]
• Kyle Pound - My Thang (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Luca Debonaire, Atilla Cetin - Do You Feel Me (Original Mix) [Let's Play Music]
• Felipe Avelar, El Seano - Give It Up (Original Mix) [Fogbank]"
• Greg Robertson - I Wanna Dance (Original Mix) [Promo]
• DJ Zimmo - My Sweet Love (Original Mix) [Disco Future Records]
• Michael Murica - The House Train (Original Mix) [Disco Legends]
• George Cynnamon - Sweet Mellow Music (Skibblez Remix) [4Disco Records]
• CEV's - Funk Freak (Original Mix) [Meltin Funk Records]


April podcast mix is all about the Disco. Doing my bit to keep the vibe alive, with a quality selection for this month including One of my own unreleased tracks One Love. Hope you all enjoy the mix and as always your feedback, comments and support are really appreciated.


• Rescue, Kevin Kind - Everybody Loves (Original) [InStereo]
• DJ Dan, Rescue, Terry Mullan - Phreaky Deaky 2014 (2014 Mix) [InStereo]
• Fierce City - Can't Let You Go (Original Mix) [4Disco Records]
• DeeJMD - Deep In The Night (Funkhameleon 'Funky Night' Mix) [Disco Motion Records]
• DJ Dan - Bangin' On Ya (Phunk Investigation) [InStereo]
• DJ Zimmo - Be A Superstar (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]
• Squirt D. & CRS - Holiday (Original Mix) [Skeet Traxx]
• Twism & B3RAO - High Society (Original Mix) [DISCO LEGENDS]
• Twism & B3RAO - Tonights The Night (Original Mix) [DISCO LEGENDS]
• Block & Crown, Deep Fish - Jackin' Radio (Club Mix) [InStereo]
• Squirt D. & CRS - The Wanted (Original Mix) [Promo]
• DJ Zimmo - One Love (Original Mix) [Promo]
• Zach C - Disco Star (Original Mix) [Handsome Family Records]
• Jay Vegas - Let's Boogie (Original Mix) [Hot Stuff]
• DMC - N.R.G (Original Mix) [DISCO LEGENDS]
• Rick Marshall - Look Up (Higher) (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings]

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